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We offer:

1-Robotic and engineering classes

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Piano lessons at Explore Center, Richmond Hill, ON

2-Piano private lessons

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Mathematics, SSAT Math, SAT Math and physics tutoring at Explore Center, Richmond Hill, ON

3-Tutoring math & physics, high school level

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1-Robotic and engineering class in Richmond Hill

Robotic and Engineering classes at Explore center, Richmond Hill, ON

Engineering For Kids® classes

Engineering Club: Civil Engineering & Robotics 

Junior level (Age 4-7)  

  • Fridays April 6- May 11, 2018 Time: 5:30-6:30 PM

Apprentice Level (Age 8-12) 

  •  Thursdays April 5-May 10, 2018 Time: 5:30-6:30 PM


  • $120+HST for six sessions

Junior Level Engineering for Kids Classes (Age 4-7)

Engineering Club: Mechanical Engineering & Robotics

- Robotics Engineering: 

Milo the Science Rover 

Kids will explore the different ways scientists and engineers can reach remote places. 

Milo's Motion Sensor 

Children will create and program Milo's object-detector arm using the motion sensor input.

Mia's Race Car 

Kids will discover the features of a race and investigate what factors increase and decrease its speed. 

- Junior Mechanical Engineering:

In the Junior Mechanical Engineering: Let’s Make Toys classes, our youngest engineers will be introduced to fundamental concepts of energy, materials, and movement. Students will explore and construct six different toys throughout this unit, including spinners, magical boomerang cans, wind-up whirligigs, and more. 


In the introductory lesson, students will explore the field of mechanical engineering and discover what engineers in this field do. They will learn that mechanical engineers invent, design, and build all kinds of machines, including many toys they play with every day! As students build and test a Popper toy, they will learn that the greater the force upon an object, the greater the change in motion. 


Students will explore the properties of spinning objects during the third lesson. They will build spinners with a variety of household objects. By the end, they will understand certain properties that help a spinner to gain enough momentum to rotate for the longest amount of time. 

Boomerang Can

During the third lesson of the unit, students will learn the basics of kinetic and potential energy by constructing a magical Boomerang Can. This toy uses stored energy to return to the students after being rolled away on a flat, smooth surface.

Apprentice Level Engineering for Kids Class (Age 8-12)

Engineering Club: Robotics & Mechanical Engineering 

Robot Intelligence

Students will discover that robots have to be programmed and a robot does not work as soon as it is built. 

Bouncing off the Walls 

Students will put ultrasonic sensors on their robots to give them virtual eyes. The ultrasonic sensors do look like eyes, but they work by bouncing sound off of objects to judge their relative distance. This lesson will provide insight into how SONAR is used in real-world applications. 

Arm Flexing 

Will be challenged to program their robot to drive to a ping-pong ball and hit the ball with an arm. The students will be competing against one another to get the ping-pong ball the furthest. 

Line Follow 

Students will be introduced to a new light sensor and build upon what they learned in Bouncing Off the Walls. With the light sensor, their robot will be able to differentiate between light and dark and navigate its way around a track. 

Tug of War 

Kids will be challenged with overpowering their opponents. The students will build robots that pull against each other. Whichever robot is stronger will win. Aspects of the robot will be modified to achieve maximum traction. 


In the final class, kids build and battle robots to push the opponent’s robot outside of the Sumo Ring. Students will need to use what they learned from prior lessons to make a robot that is very stable, utilizes sensors, and maybe even an arm for flipping.

2-Piano lessons in Richmond Hill

Piano lessons at Explore Center, Richmond Hill, ON

Explore Music for all levels

The best age to learn piano is at 5, however, it is never too late as many says.

Bring the art of music to young children with our educated teachers.

We have fun, enjoyable, and interesting way to teach piano and singing to your children.

This could be one to one or group lessons. Group lessons will cover piano playing, music theories,

and vocal singing all package in one lesson! 

Students will build up their confidence by singing and learning music theory much faster

while playing songs that we have sung in the class.

We also can help your kids to get ready for RCM exams.

Call to register: (905) 237-5574

Price for private sessions:

  • A 15 min trial session is Free for new students.
  •  Beginners: $15 per 30 min
  • Pre-RCM $20 per 30 min 
  • RCM levels: Each level adds $1 to the base price. (e.g. Level 1: $21 per 30 min)

Price for group lessons (kids 4-6)

  • $15 per hour per person. (Group of 4 or more)  


  • Pay $10 more to play one hour in the playground 

Piano Practice Room for rent

  • Don't you have a piano at home to practice? No worries, we have one here! $10.00 per hour. RSVP required.  

3-Tutoring high school level in Richmond Hill

Mathematics, SSAT Math, SAT Math and physics tutoring at Explore Center, Richmond Hill, ON

Tutoring Physics, Mathematics, SSAT Math & SAT Math

We provide private (one-on-one) or small group Mathematics, Physics, MCAT physics and SAT Math tutoring for Grade 9-12 (non-credit). 

Our instructors are highly educated, highly experienced and currently teaching at York University. 


$35.00 per hour for private sessions. Discounted group rates are available.  

Call to register: (905) 237-5574


 Mathematics grade 9-12

  • Principles of Mathematics MPM1D Grade 9 Academic
  • Foundations of Mathematics MFM1P Grade 9 Applied
  • Mathematics LDCC Grade 9
  • Principles of Mathematics MPM2D Grade 10 Academic
  • Foundations of Mathematics MFM2P Grade 10 Applied
  • Mathematics LDCC Grade 10
  • Functions MCR3U Grade 11 University
  • Functions and Applications MCF3M Grade 11 University/College
  • Foundations for College Mathematics MBF3C Grade 11 College
  • Mathematics for Work and Everyday Life MEL3E Grade 11 Workplace
  • Calculus and Vectors MCV4U Grade 12 University
  • Advanced Functions MHF4U Grade 12 University
  • Mathematics of Data Management MDM4U Grade 12 University
  • College Technology MCT4C Grade 12 College
  • Foundations for College Mathematics MAP4C Grade 12 College
  • Mathematics for Work and Everyday Life MEL4E Grade 12 Workplace
  • SAT Math, AP Math 

Physics grade 11-12

  • Physics SPH3U Grade 11, University
  • Earth and Space Science SES4U Grade 12, University
  • Physics SPH4U Grade 12, University
  • Physics SPH4C Grade 12, College
  • MCAT physics 


  •  5% discount applied to the 2nd and 3rd child in the family when enrolled in 5 days per week registration.
  • All prices are subject to change without notice.
  • All prices are subject to applicable taxes.
  • Kids must be potty-trained

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