AFTER Shool care in Richmond Hill

PA day

Explore Center, PA day in Richmond Hill, child care in Richmond Hill, PA day in Richmond Hill, ON

AGE 4-9  

  • We have a fun indoor activities for your kids' PA days in Richmond Hill. Rain, shine or snow does not affect the fun part at Explore Center. At the Explore Center, we help children to discover their talents and provide them with activities to develop their mental and physical strength, not to mention it’s just a lot of FUN for your child! Please bring a water bottle, labeled with your child's name, snack, and lunch.  RSVP and payment is required. 
  • (905) 237-5574


  • 9 AM-4 PM: $54 
  • Before care from 8 AM: $10 
  • After care up to 6 PM: $6 per hour
  • Kids who are registered in full-time after school: $30

    2019/2020 elementary PA Days for the York District School Board:

  1. Monday, September 23, 2019
  2. Friday, October 21, 2019
  3. Friday, November 15, 2019
  4. Friday, January 17, 2020
  5. Friday, January 31, 2020
  6. Monday, May 18, 2020
  7. Friday, June 1, 2020

After school

After School, Michelle Jean public school, Beverley Acers p.s, in Explore Center,in Richmond Hill,ON

AGE 4-9 

  • We offer an amazing after school program in Richmond Hill. Kids can play in an indoor playground after a long day of school! We have slides, a ball pit and a lot more! We also support kids with their homework and piano practicing! You may add mix media art classes or piano lesson on certain days of camp as well!  Please bring a water bottle, labeled with your child's name, and snack.  RSVP and payment is required. 
  • (905) 237-5574


  • Monthly price: $370/ month
    Daily price: $25/day 
  • Transportation: $75/ if applicable 
  • PA days: $30 for full-time registered after school
  • Registration fee: $50 (one time, non-refundable) 
  • Mix Media Art Class (optional): $15 per session 
  • Private Piano Lesson (optional): $15 per session

Pick up from the following schools:

  • Michelle Jean P.S. (school bus)
  • Beverley Acers P.S (school bus)
  • Crosby Height P.S.
  • Richmond Rose P.S.
  • OM Mackillop P.S.
  • St. Mary Immaculate Catholic School
  • Silver Pines P.S.