THEMES AND ACTIVITIES Engineering for Kids® birthday party


1- Robotics Gear Up

60-minute activity: Sumobots 
Party guests design, build and program battle robots to push the opponent’s robot outside of the Sumo Ring utilizing various sensors and LEGO® pieces. 

2- Robotics

60-minute activity: Wild Animals
Kids design, build and program wild animals using Lego, Sensors, and motor. Hungry Alligators, Roaring Lion, Drumming Monkey and more!

3- Spy Sense

60-minute activity: Ultrasonic Hide and Seek 
You are a spy for the secret Kelvin Society and there’s a scientist who is trying to find you and steal the secrets of the Kelvin Society. Your task is to design, build and program a LEGO® robot that can hide far away from an enemy bot that will try and locate you. Can you successfully elude the enemy?

4- Frozen Kingdom: Like Elsa in Frozen!

60-minute activity: Slime 
In this activity, we are going to discover ice powers of our own. Party guests will combine liquids and a solid to make a polymer: Slime. To test our new magical powers, we’ll play a snowman relay race. 

5- Fabulous Party

60-minute activity: Presto-Chango Dough Party
Party Guests will make their own play dough using simple household materials. 

6- Race to the Finish Party

60-minute activity: Roller Coasters 
In this mechanical engineering activity, kids will work in teams to build the fastest roller coaster.

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